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Automatic payments?

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New Member

Automatic payments?

I just received my first bill, ok. I knew it was due on the 21st. WHY does a payment get removed from my account without my approval or notice. I have called numerous times because my system is not working and all I'm told is they are still "working" on it. So if I have to wait for my service to work, why are you withdrawing payment WITHOUT me paying my bill, two weeks before it's due????

Associate Professor

When on automatic payments, the system deducts the amount owed on the bill generation date...  If you want to avoid this, you have to call and request to be put on paper billing, which you will be charged an additional fee for.

That aside, you already agreed upon accepting your contract (Part 3, Section 6) and providing your card number that Hughesnet would automatically deduct monthly payments.