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First off, I think everyone who has the distinct misfortune of being stuck with Hughesnet as their only option for internet service can agree with me when I say that Hughesnet is the absolute worst. Literally, the single worst internet service provider in the history of the internet. We pay an exorbitant rate for "modern," "high speed" internet, but where is it when you need it? I can't even make phone calls most of the time. It takes minutes for my email to load images. I feel like I'm back in time trying to browse with internet explorer on windows 98... Actually, I think dial up might have been better, it definitely had lower latency.

Last month, I called to cancel my Hughesnet service. Since I was using their internet connection to make the call, I got disconnected due to unstable network twice while waiting to speak with someone. After spending over 30 minutes on the phone and speaking with someone I could barely understand, I was told that my service would be cancelled. I was finally free from the $100+ fee I was paying every month, and it felt good. Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to find an email notifying me that Hughesnet had drafted another $100 from my account. When I contacted customer service via text through the app, I was told that I would have to call customer service again to negotiate a refund. The problem is that I can't connect to calls because Hughesnet is garbage. I've tried 4 times this morning already. Somehow I'm able to navigate this forum, but I can't make a call. Can someone please do something about this ridiculous situation? I feel like sueing Hughesnet for all the wasted time, hardship, frustration, and excessive cost I've had to endure for all these years. I'd be willing to bet that HN corporate doesn't even use their own internet service because it's too slow and unreliable. I want my time back, Hughesnet. Making poor, rural customers pay so much of their hard earned money for an almost unusable internet connection is morally bankrupt and unethical. You should be ashamed of yourselves. 

I've been waiting years to say this to one of your corporate overlords, but I can't even make a phone call, so I'll have to settle for this forum. 


Hughesnet, YOU'RE FIRED!


Distinguished Professor IV

The only way to cancel is to call 866-347-3292.  Edit: You may need to ask them to request an immediate cancellation so the account will be cancelled right way. 

I agree, they are the worse, will not return calls.  They will not correct my bill , and I am tired of calling them. Is there any way I can get out of my contract?


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Why don't you start your own ticket on this site and explain what is happening and give a rep on this site the chance to help you?  To get help, go to the myAccount and Billing page again and click on the "start a topic button."  Politely explain your issue(s) and give the reps a chance to help. They are very helpful on this site and on social media.

I will have to pay a Hugh amount if I cancel, that is my problem.

Contact better business bureau look up hughesnet  and tell  the problem and they will help

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Contacting the Bureau is not the magical solution you think it is, as very often people still have to pay their early termination fee.


Additionally, the Bureau gives HughesNet their highest rating, A+.   


The way the process works is, when you submit a complaint through them, they pass it on to the company. The company has 30 days to reply.  If you have not worked with the HughesNet reps to solve your issues, the fine for breaking the contract early will likely apply (and if you follow the Bureau complaints list, you will see it often does).  For the first 3 months of your subscription, the fine is $400, then it drops $15 a month.  

@Gaga0414 wrote:

I will have to pay a Hugh amount if I cancel, that is my problem.


Distinguished Professor IV

Yeah, you will. Why don't you work with the reps here or on social media and see if they can improve your issues?? If they can't, they are happy to work with you regarding the fee. 


I have called 6 times and have been given 6 confirmation numbers. Contact t Better  Business Bureau, they will help. You need to put the town as Germantown, Maryland. They do have a good rating but all the companies do, they also have more complaints than any company on the site! Good luck!

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