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Data Charged while sleeping!

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Data Charged while sleeping!

Yesterday, 2 weeks into my monthly plan, which I DOUBLED! a week ago, I was shocked to find out I was out of Data! I thought, WOW! what am I doing to use 20G of data in 2 weeks!

I purchased 10G Token yesterday, and downloaded Glasswire to find out what the **bleep** is going on! At 10pm after using my web browser for a small amount of time to check email on AOL, and put Glasswire on my wifes computer to monitor her network usage, My Token was at 9.5G left. I woke up at 3:30 am to find out that MY 9.5G OF DATA IS GONE! AND I HAD USED 3G OF MY BONUS DATA WHILE I WAS SLEEPING!!!!!. I checked my Glasswire network monitor and in the last 24 hours BOTH mine and my wife's computer have only used 337Mb of data! WHILE I WAS SLEEPING! Customer service needs to respond to this issue, return my Data token and re-instate my 20G of Anytime data. I look at this as a technical issue, and most likely as in past posts I have read, the issue is they are charging me from the wrong data pool. Please fix!

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Do you have any other devices connected to HughesNet besides the two computers?  Many devices can use data without you being aware, including when they are turned off, as some are not really off, but in standby.


Do you have a satellite TV receiver connected to the service?  If so, especially a DirecTV receiver, it's best to disconnect it, as they can use data for a variety of things without there being any way to control it.