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Double Billed After a Relocate

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Double Billed After a Relocate

I bought a new house in January!  Yay, but I needed to moved my move my Hughesnet satilite service to my new house.  Already knowing how the Hughesnet customer service (call center in the Philippines) was terrible, I went directly to the Hughesnet dealer (Microcom) in my area on the Kenai peninsula in Alaska to get the move order created.  After an hour of frustration (yes, we timed it) and getting our phone call transferred FOUR TIMES because we were in Alaska, we (me and Microcom) finally got the move order completed.  The relocate order turned out to be a pain in the butt because evidently I was the first one in Alaska to do a relocate, and Hughesnet representatives had a hard time figuring out how to do it.  The Hughesnet representative on the phone said that I would have to cancel my current contract (without penalties or fees) and start a new contract.  No problem.  Since it was January, the dealer (Microcom) was able to install the new equipment at my new house in less than a week.  In March of this year, I noticed I was being double billed.  I called Hughesnet (Philippine call center) and after about an 1/2 hour and being transferred three times, I finally got an answer why.  I had two accounts active.  Evidently Hughesnet did not cancel my account as they said they would back in January when I did a relocate.  I tried to explain this to the Hughesnet filipino representative, but it was lost in translation.  What I did get accomplished is to get my account at my old house cancelled.  At least I "stopped the bleeding".  I was very busy in my personal life and did not have time to deal with getting my refund of about $360 for two months of billing.  It is very frustrating dealing with those filipino call centers as they mostly read off a script, and are not authorized to do much of anything.  Can I get my money refunded to me please?  

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Re: Double Billed After a Relocate

First, congratulations on your new house! 

Second, the HughesNet reps on this site won't be back until next week. They're usually here M-F, 9-5, though sometimes they can be around earlier or later.  You will likely hear from them next week, and they'll be able to investigate and sort out your issue. 




Re: Double Billed After a Relocate



Thank you for reaching to us. I would like to assist you with this, however, I will need the phone number associated with the other account. I was only able to locate the account associated with the username you are posting under. That account has already been canceled. Please private message me the phone number associated with the other account and I will message you back with what we will be able to do going forward.