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 Ok, let me first tell you I am extremely dissapointed and apalled on how this business works and how they can still be trusted and even called a business at all. When you think of a business you think of someone there to help its customers - this is not true for HughesNet. We had a contract in August 2016 and agreed to $50.58 and then in June of 2017 they had us pay $68.64 because of a glitch THEY MADE. They even told us on the phone it was THEIR FAULT. Then in July of the next month we were paying $70.58 and would be paying that for the next 24 months (basically our contract was honored for less than a year). We understand that we were not checking the automatic payment made each month, but why do you need to if you have a contract and believe you should be able to trust a company fo honor the contract that it made with you? We called them when it came to our attention and they told us they would only give two months worth of the money back when they owe 24 months. Blows my mind that they get to keep money that they should never have gotten. They made a mistake and took extra money from us and then say its their money to keep. Absolutely rediculous that a mistake made by the company, owned and admitted by the company was handled this way. No business should be run this way. I called them and argued and was told its in their policy that they will only cover 2 months worth. I asked to be shown where this policy is on their website and they told me it is not on their website. So basically they can screw people over for their mistake and hope people don't notice for over two months so they can keep the extra money. They have stolen a total of $498.06 from us and are only willing to give back $141.16 of the money THAT IS NOT THEIRS TO KEEP. Please, take heed to this dishonesty and lack of integrity of a company and take your money elsewhere where  you will be treated respectfully.

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The pricing discounts are either for 12 months or 24 months of the 24 month contract, depending on the offer at the time.  So, though they may owe you, it wouldn't be since the discount apparently ended on your billing (June 2017) to today, but only for the remainder of the time the discount was supposed to last, which sounds like may have been from June 2017 through Aug 2018 (original contract 8/2016 - 8/2018).  Once that discount would normally end, your pricing would kick up to the normal amount.  


With that said, though, you should definitely check your bills, even if they are automatically paid.  Glitches can occur, and the sooner you know of them, the better the outcome can be.  



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