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So, last month I was told that if I terminated my fee would be 190. this month I called to terminate and they said it be 205 but I could terminate at the end of this billing cycle and then it would become 190 again. however, I couldn't actually get any reassurance that they would not charge me for another nut month period also, nobody will tell me how I'm supposed to get that **bleep** radio off the roof. I don't know if you expect me to suddenly become Wonder Woman and become an electrician?? the fact they have to pack our own and mail it to you is ridiculous. Super frustrated that all this company has done is steal money from little old ladies, leaving them without the ability to get food and without any recourse when someone else used her card to charge hughesnet and now the way your treating me. and I've been unhappy but putting up with the BS until now. but I would like to terminate and I would like to do it at 190 or less and I would like some sort of written something that shows that I terminated and then I'm not gonna be charged anymore money and I would like you to tell me how to get this dang radio off the roof or actually here's a thought show some customer service and send somebody to pick it up. Course you may not have many people running around as I'm sure that the reviews have gotten around about how horrible this company treats his customers. but, if there's anybody actually capable of using a pen and a piece of paper, and would like to write me an actual quote and actually charge me what I'm told that I'm gonna be charged, I would very much appreciate figuring out how to speak to that person. What I was told today is that there is not a single person at hughesnet that has a piece of paper or a pen or an email

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@Mnash wrote:

nobody will tell me how I'm supposed to get that **bleep** radio off the roof.  

You've been given your options here.


You need to call 866-347-3292 if you need the de-installation service.  


Service cancellation cannot be done via this support community.  You need to call 866-347-3292 in order to request service cancellation.  When you do, cancellation will occur at the end of your current service month.  Or, you can ask for an immediate cancellation.  With an immediate cancellation you'll receive a prorated credit for the rest of the current service month you won't have the service for, but for which you've already paid.


Shortly after your service is cancelled, an equipment return kit will be mailed to you.  It will include a box, packing instructions, a prepaid return shipping label and instructions for removing the radio from the dish assembly.  You can also see the instructions here.