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Hugh net keeps calling me

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Hugh net keeps calling me

Hugh net call's me daily but hangs up on me every time??????? Anybody know why , tech/ Customer support useless help
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Re: Hugh net keeps calling me



Chances are very good that it's not really HughesNet, but someone spoofing the number, whether that be an individual or a business.  If you answer it and there's a second or so pause where there's no noise, then you hear them hang up, it's most likely an auto dialer.  I get these kinds of calls every once in a while, though I don't get the point, other than maybe to verify that a live person is attached to the number.  Then again, it only takes one call to do that, not a slew of them.  


Unfortunately, if this is what it is, there's really not much you can do to stop it, though there may be something you can do on your end.  If the calls are coming into a smart phone, there are apps (I use CallDetector) that you can install to block numbers, including numbers that are not on your "okay" list, or numbers that you specify, as well as other variations.  Some phones have already built in apps that can do this, as well.  Home phone companies also often have a service to be able to block a specific number.  If it's always the same number, it might be worth calling the phone company and asking if they can do this.

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