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Hughesnet Charging Me Twice?

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Hughesnet Charging Me Twice?

I called and was setup an installation on new service on 8-17, credit card given and subsequently charged $183 and change for installation and I assume first month service.. Tech came and installed service today, 9-25... Hughesnet sends a welcome email and upon completing registration I see an invoice due 10-5 for $185......... What gives?  


Hi mixinmaster, welcome to the community and thanks for posting! I was able to locate your account, the charge you're seeing for your 10-5 invoice is the initial charge you were quoted by our Sales representative with your state and county taxes applied. Once a customer's installation is completed, their first invoice is generated. In your case, your installation was today, so your invoice was generated today as well.


Let me know if you have any questions!




Brooke, thanks for the quick reply.... I still am confused however..... Where can I get a breakdown of what appears to be approximately $370 being charged and I just got hooked up???  I know and agree there was a $99 installation charge (even though I called after seeing the "free installation" ad), but where does remaining $270 come from?  I mean a 20 GB plan at 69 bucks plus equipment rental at 15 still comes up far less than $270.... Please advise how my credit card has already been charged over a month ago for $183 and now I have an invoice for $185


HughesNet has refunded the original $183 in question, so all is good.... Thanks 

On our end, it only showed the invoice amount and no other previous charges taken from your card, that's certainly odd. Might have been a glitch in our system, perhaps? I'm glad everything got resolved, though! 


However, to answer your question about your invoice, you can view this from My Account > My Bill and it'll have a printable version of your invoices to view at anytime, which will provide a breakdown of your bill if you ever have questions in the future. 


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