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My Hughes modem is blocking my acces to PSN on my PS3 system.

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Furanko Moreno
New Member

My Hughes modem is blocking my acces to PSN on my PS3 system.

My hughes modem has been blocking my acces to PSN on my PS3 sytem for 3 weeks, up to that date is has no problem at all, it was amazing, but then is just blocked my acces. I don't know what happened but is really frustrating as someone who actually need that conection for job issues.
Honorary Alumnus

More details are needed. A Hughesnet Modem cannot and does not block anything.

You may have a networking problem, you may have a connection problem, bu your Modem is blocking nothing.

Post some screenshots of any errors you are getting.

Hi Furanko,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the community! The first thing we'll need to know is if you are connecting directly to a modem or with a router/wireless. Also, try power cycling your modem and router if you have one. Typically you may have to do this a couple times. Wait a minute before plugging everything back in.

I'd also like to pull up your account to run diagnostics and see if your site is working properly. If you can post a recent case number or the serial number on the back/bottom of your modem that'll be great. Looking forward to your reply.