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Never shown or asked to physically sign a contract

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Never shown or asked to physically sign a contract

Hello, I'm a relatively new Hughesnet customer and I'm very confused on how the service agreement is enforced. During the call with the sales rep she told me about the services, the data amounts and that they use 24 month service contracts. It has now been over a week since my dish was installed and service has started but I have never once been shown any documents or contracts relating to my service? When do I receive a copy? I have tried talking to customer support and they stated they have two pictures of signed documents with four (4) marks on them. When asked to see these pictures I was told I needed to contact the installation company to receive a copy of these? How could there be any papers with marks on them if I was never presented anything to see, sign, keep, nothing. Let alone, how can these "marks" be considered a signed agreement when I never made any marks because I was never asked or shown anything to sign? Not sure where this goes or who will ever see this but the whole deal seems very shady and deceiving to me. 

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Re: Never shown or asked to physically sign a contract



You may have never physically signed anything, but ordering the service, assent during that call, having it installed and then using it is tantamount to agreement to the contract, though I don't know the technical term of what that kind of agreement is called.  Verbal agreement, maybe?  I'm not sure.  


The reps may be able to explain it better.  They're on M-F from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST.  They usually reply within a working day.    


You can read through the subscriber agreement here.  If you wanted to save it, you can left click at the top left of the large blue "SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT" at the top, then pull down to the text to highlight all of it.  Then left click on that highlighted text and click "print", but instead of actually printing it out at that point, save it as a PDF.  You'll then have it saved as a PDF on your computer to read at will.  


For reference, I'm not a HughesNet employee, nor do I represent them in any fashion.  I'm just a long time subscriber.

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