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I am currently having to use my phone Data because once again my Internet does not work. I am going on three weeks of service and I have been unable to use my Internet except for a total of approximately two hours. Usually I can I connect at all. This morning I was actually able to pull up Facebook get the first five or six posts with no pictures and that was it. After that nothing. I’m not paying For service I absolutely cannot use. I have been on tech-support numerous times. They told me I have a call back but I never do and even if they did I’m not at home I have a job. And we have so much data on my phone so chatting really doesn’t work for me because you have to sit there and wait for someone to pop up and it takes forever. Calling is useless. They want you to automatically pay on a credit card but I am going to have to stop that payment. I am also going to contact my Credit card company to dispute the charges for signing up in the first place. Then I’m going to cancel, contact the Federal you know who... (apparently a word not allowed in this forum?) again, and I’m not about to pay their fee for canceling. I was told by a local company that sells Hughes net and wild blue that I had a 30 day trial. We will see ..
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