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Not happy with service

Moved from NV to AL 3 weeks ago. Hughes net told me they were the only service in my area, which now I find out is not true. Should have never ordered Hughesnet! First, they input the wrong address and my install was delayed a week, but they already were paid, Tried to cancel During their mistake but they didn’t because Im in the contract (no refund & can’t cancel). Second, the install guys put up the dish in the middle of where I drive my vehicles, so now the satellite dish will need to be relocated or I cannot use my driveway. Third, the reception has been poor to fair. Always pixelated and buffering. Fourth, I was never informed about the usage or tokens, until tonight when I find out I’m out of data. Absolutely no sales person informed me of any of this! I told them I needed internet for streaming and computer. I purchased the suggested plan. They just put the dish in & left. Now I’m reading the reviews and feel totally scammed. Within 3 weeks I have used all of my internet data? Really?! So my data is used, and no one is available to tell me anything because it’s the rainy weekend and I have 0 service! WTH!
Hughesnet please contact me.
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If you subscribed directly via HughesNet (and not via a reseller like Dish) I suggest you request a review of your sales call. The company keeps a recording of the sales calls (but only for a short time, about 3 months) and the HughesNet reps on this site can pull the call and review what was said. If the sales person misled you or neglected to tell you information they are required to give you, you may have recourse.


To request a sales call review, all you need to do is reply to this post and ask for the review. The time frame for the review can be up to 7 business days, and you will be given the results of the review via private message in this community.


Oh you were scammed just like we were. Spend over 4 hours on the phone yesterday for nothing. They over charged me, automatically took money from my bank before I even got a bill and out of data already. We have the 20 go plan and in less then 24 hours we have used it all when we have nothing connected to it.  Exactly the same as you said we were not informed of any of it. When I was talking to Steve yesterday I asked him if he would pay for this service and he said no he would not. Pretty bad when the employees would not even pay for this service but it is ok to do this to customers. It is so bad I can not even upload a photo here of my non existent speed we have. I am actually posting this using the hot spot on my phone. Worst service ever! What is the solution I got yesterday... buy extra token so we have internet! Money money money is all they want. No desire to make customers happy. Rude customer service and terrible service god only knows why they are still in business. And I do not even care right now if I get more rude comments here like before. They can not honesty defend this com-any and sleep well at night knowing the company they work for is screwing all these people out of money each money! Shame on the whole lot of them!

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Jlkkdk ,

Is your account new too? If so you can request a sales call review as well. 

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@Jlkkdk wrote:

 We have the 20 go plan and in less then 24 hours we have used it all when we have nothing connected to it.  

If your data was gone in 24 hours, one or more of your devices used it.   


Five (and four) days ago you were given clear and easy to follow instructions on what you should do concerning your claims, yet you came up with an excuse for why you would not take that advice. That you make the bombastic claims you do, and then spread them to the topics of others who are seeking help, yet you still refuse to do what was instructed, makes absolutely no sense.  It would have taken less time and effort to request said sales call review than it did to piggyback on someone else's topic, and that review would likely have been well underway by now.

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Good morning Dougherty66, 


We're closing this thread since we never got a reply from you. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can more effectively help you. 




If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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