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Poor service


Re: Poor service

Got a real quick turnaround on the follow-up sales call review:

- The agent does inform the customer disclosures that full terms and conditions are available to read at

- The agent discusses the data allowance during the pitch and final terms and conditions.  There is also discussion about data when the agent and customer talk about streaming, when the agent discloses that they can expect up to 15 hours of standard definition streaming a month, and that the service would slow down when the allowance is reached.

- The 24 month agreement and ETF’s are disclosed during the final terms and conditions.  There is no other discussion about the agreement on the call.

- The customer does not mention working from home or using a VPN on the call like she mentioned in her comment. 

-The agent does read all final terms and conditions, including Voice disclosures to the customer at the end of the call.  The only questions the customer has about the T&C’s are the monthly taxes and fees and if they could use their existing dish for the service, both of which the agent clarifies.
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