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Cancelling Service

I called to cancel my service today. It just isn’t working for us, in fact we’ve had it unplugged for over a month now. When I called the rep was unbelievably rude. She asked about reasons for cancelling, yes, I understand asking this. However, when I explain we’ve had it unplugged for almost 2 months so really we can go without, she then insisted on knowing why I
all of sudden decide to call today. Umm, well I had to call eventually and today’s
the day. She was insistent I tell her why I called today if we haven’t used it
in 2 months. Then she was insistent I tell her our plans for internet after Hughes Net, well, we will go without because we have no other options, that apparently was not good enough answer either. Unfortunately, I finally had to just tell her none of this was her business, no, I should not have responded that way, but this woman pushed eveyr button I have! She continued to argue with me for every question or statement I
made. I understand they have a protocol and have to ask questions, but this
woman was just plain rude and pushy!

I told her I wanted my final bill mailed to me, I wanted a
detailed bill and I wanted to revoke any charges from the bank account on file.
Yes, I understand I have a $220 early termination fee and I’m willing to pay
that. I just wanted a detailed bill and to be able to pay this other than
direct debit. She apparently tried to explain something to me that I could not
understand, so I asked again for something to be mailed. She said my account
would be charged as usual, I said I would close that account then and she just
said I would be sent to collections. I’m sorry, is asking for my final bill to
be mailed so I have a detail account of charges really asking for too much? 

I asked to speak to someone else, her and I just weren’t
getting along and I felt like I was being interrogated, but she refused to
transfer me. I should have just hung up and called back till I got another rep,
but I continued on with this just to end it once and for all.

Apparently, I have to wait another month before my service
will be cancelled and they mail me the box to return the equipment. Up until today I
really had no complaints about Hughes Net, other than it just wasn’t working
for us, but now I can say customer service is horrendous! 

I have heard nightmares stories about others cancelling, hopefully
the rudeness is all I have to endure.

Hello nclawson,

Welcome to our community and thank you for reaching out to us with your concerns about the service and cancellation. We definitely want everything a customer does with us to be simple, especially calling in for support. Our agents are instructed to ask some key questions, but otherwise should not be pushy or rude about it. I should be able to locate your account and review the case notes. We can mail you your final invoice, but we cannot put you on invoice billing (remove your debit card) from the system in a situation like this. These fees are rather large and a contractual fee which allow HughesNet to make up for losses when a customer cancels their service, so I do hope you can understand our side on that too. 

As it is late Friday, I may not be able to provide you a full review and solution until Monday or Tuesday. I appreciate your patience.

Thank you
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I know I get an email 5 days prior to payment being taken, can I call then and pay with a check over the phone? I just really want to make sure my final bill is correct and just that - final. I have heard some horror stories about folks being charged after cancellation or final payments being more than they were told. I just want to cover both of us and make sure everything is taken care of. 

As for review, at this point I don't think it matters. I was going to cancel regardless, I just thought someone should know that up until my call I had nothing negative to really say, Hughes Net just simply wasn't the right option for us. I have to say now though that I wouldn't recommend calling customer service, maybe email or chat would be better approach. 

Thank you for your response. 
Jennifer Slaven
New Member

I am having the same exact problem except they won't turn off my service.  I have called them and sent several emails.  It's still showing my account is still active.  They took 123.00 dollars out of my account last week and tried to take another 109.00 this morning.  I haven't lived at that address for 2 months.  Plus every month I have to buy bonus tokens.  Ridiculous!
Assistant Professor

" I haven't lived at that address for 2 months.  Plus every month I have to buy bonus tokens.  Ridiculous!"

Don't think I've been confused more by a statement.

Hi nclawson

If your payment method on file fails and you have a balance, yes you will be able to call in and make the payment. In looking at your account the only charge coming up is for the ETF. If the leased HughesNet equipment is not returned then we will bill you for that later. 

There is a lot of confusion caused when reading other "horror stories" where someone has misinterpreted their bill or just did not understand what was going on. If something does go wrong, 'cause we are not perfect, we always try our best to settle it fast and painlessly. 

Since we bill 1 month in advance and the standard cancellation occurs at the end of the billing cycle, there are no more service charges after you cancel, just early termination fees, unreturned equipment fees (if necessary) and other stuff like the cost of a technician to come out and remove the equipment if requested. 

Should something come up or you have any questions, concerns, problems.. anything at all, you're welcome back here to call for me and I'll be here to help.

Thank you