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Quality of HughesNet on line services

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Quality of HughesNet on line services

When entering the title of my message I was shown that there are over 4,000 others who share my feelings about HughesNet. I have experienced the slow, the loss of service and most of the other issues they cite. However I did not read all 4000. So I will not repeat old news.

My comments surround the online functions. The invoice function needs work. When I View my invoice it shows 31 pages, most of which are blank.

When I do print out the pages that I need, there are lines that display and print over top of each other. 

I sincerely hope with your new online appearance you will address some of these issues.

Re: Quality of HughesNet on line services

Good morning darinehart,

Welcome to our community! We're sorry about the extra pages printing out with your invoice - I believe someone is actually working on fixing that on our end currently. In regards to your online experience, can you give a little detail or examples of the types of concerns you are having? How often do you lose service and how often is it slow? Looking forward to assisting you.