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RE: 45 Gigs... Where?

@LizI just talked to a rep via chat and I told her that I need to up our data to another package that is EBB approved


The lady then asks me about our equipment.


I was like 1 TV,  2 phones,  1 computer,  2 google homes,  1 alexa


How much do you stream? I said we just cut the cord so... I'd say a few hours a day? even though I use @GabeU 's PLAYON app to download most things.


I said the Googles and Alexa are for questions and music for when we're in the shower.


Lady: Well your best bet would be our 75 gig package for 145.00 a month and you can have your EBB with the highest package we offer.


Me: I can't do that... I was told the highest the EBB benefit goes is the 50 gig package? And that the 75 gig package would end my EBB benefit. What do you have thats above what I am on now thats EBB approved?


Lady: 45 gig package and you can have the EBB with the 45 gig package


She assured me that I am still going to get the EBB benefit..  I am confused now....


Good morning CWM030,


Thanks for reaching out! I looked into this for you and looks like something changed on the back end for me. It does appear that you can change plans while on ACP (formerly EBB), as long as it's not combined with any promotional plans. 




If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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