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Radio transmitter return?

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Radio transmitter return?

I moved from Georgia in November of 2017 to the state of Florida and was instructed to leave the radio transmitter at the house in Georgia due to me wanting to transfer service to Florida at end of pause and I just recently decided to not continue my services with Hughes net after some life events. So my contract was on pause and the pause was lifted and I returned to paying for the service even though it was never hooked up at new place of residence. Upon my cancellation I was instructed to return the radio transmitter and the modem and power supply. And after speaking with Hughes net customer service I was told I would have to pay for the transmitter. How is this my responsibility if I was originally instructed to leave the transmitter. And why should a customer have to remove something that a trained service provided installed. Can anyone tell me if there’s an option for Hughes net to send out a service rep out to the old residence and remove it since it was their company that told me to leave it behind

Re: Radio transmitter return?


 I'm glad you found the community, thank you for posting. I apologize for what is going on, please see your private messages for further assistance.