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Re: Billing Theft - Fraud Investigation Claim Opened

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Re: Billing Theft - Fraud Investigation Claim Opened

Today is Sunday March 26th. I have been waiting and looking for my bill so I can pay it. Woke up this morning to find Hugesnet took it out of my account WITHOUT PERMISSION!! So i called customer service and the rep i spoke to said because i had a cc on file they automatically deduct the amount from the card, I have always paid online and NEVER gave them permission to do auto pay! This is fruad and will be contacting Corprate office first thing in the am and also Better business b to file a complaint and maybe even a Lawyer! Since when does a company have to right to take money from someones account without permission?

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Is it possible that when you last made your online payment the check box for saving the data was checked, or unchecked (whichever it is that saves the data for automatic payments)?

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I agree. Most likely what happened is you left the box check authorizing HughesNet to put you on auto pay. It is checked by default so you have to uncheck it to not be put on auto pay when making a payment.

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Please let me know what your results were to this matter. I have been having so much trouble with them.