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Rebates ?

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Rebates ?

How do i know if I'm do a rebate??
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The HN reps on this site may be able to check that for you, but they won't be back until Monday. 


Good morning bal3,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! We have an FAQ article about rebates here. Sales reps typically will tell you on the sales call that a rebate is available to you, in which case there will be a rebate code on your first bill. In other cases where a local dealer is the one making the sale, they may have their own rebate, like in the form of a gift card, which also would be explained up front on how to redeem.


In your case, I'm not seeing any rebate code nor any automatic rebate applied to your account, so no rebate was available at the time of your order.


Hope that clears things up!





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