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Switching to business plan?

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Scott Swenson
New Member

Switching to business plan?

I was installed to day with the Power Max plan. I work for a virtual office (we all work from home) online. One of the main needs I have is to be able to remote into our production servers via RDP. We use IP filtering at the firewall. After much research, it appears that my external IP is not really my public IP due to the unique structure of HN compared to other ISPs. I have read that static IP is available in business class for an additional charge. My question is, how difficult is it to go from the 'consumer' plan to a business plan? Would it require different modem (I purchased mine, it's not leased)?
Assistant Professor

Scott, it will probably be tomorrow before an official rep replies. I'm afraid static IPs are only available with the 9000 modem and satellite. If you are on the new satellite I don't believe you will be able to get one even with business account.
New Poster

I think your right sgoshe, I have seen several post stating that there a no static IP address even for business customers on the Gen4 systems
Scott Swenson
New Member

Well, that complicates things. I see it is an option for business class online, doesn't say that you cannot get it on Echostar 17 (that's the Gen4 bird, right?). I can hit Galaxy 3C from my location as well, I wonder if I can downgrade the service? Speed isnt' really the issue as much as connectivity, after DSL, a couple of tin cans and strings would be faster:). All else fails I can use a 3rd party solution like OpenVPN but I'd rather not.
Associate Professor

Scott, try to disable Web Acceleration if you are on the HT1100 modem.  This should present a different IP to the server your trying to RDP into.  I personally have been able to RDP into a friends remote Win 2k3 server, but, he didn't have IP Filtering on...  IP Filtering will need to take into account the entire Hughes IP block...  
Maybe the mods will have a good idea, or see if an engineer can come up with something.

To disable
1:  Type or visit
2: Click on Web Acceleration on the left menu.
3: Click on Control
4: Place a Check-mark into the Disable Web Acceleration box, then click Submit.

Let us know if it works for you.  Please note that if the modem is power cycled, or reset for any reason what so ever, Web Acceleration will turn back on by default, also please understand that IPv4 is drying up, anyone that has a public IPv4 address is very lucky, because almost everyone is being pushed through CGN now because no one has any addresses left.
Worse comes to worse you can probably "downgrade" to a lower end modem on the business account that does offer a true static address.  
Scott Swenson
New Member

That took care of my problem, thanks! 
Assistant Professor

That is very good news, Charles will be happy!
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