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THIS IS CRAZY, payment reversal?

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THIS IS CRAZY, payment reversal?

I just paid my bill couple days ago as it shows debited from my account by hughes net. I keep getting this screen about non payment,I called and the rep tells me my payment was reversed. I told him that I would not be paying it again until my money is put back on my card. I asked him why would it be reversed and he said well there isn't a way to tell but you could have put a stop payment on it. WHY would i reverse a payment I made on purpose?Making a payment with you guys is already a chore and now this. I would love someone to contact me regarding this issue. I don't care if I do have the money. I would pay it and then they'd never process this so called "reversal"
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Re: THIS IS CRAZY, payment reversal?



The reps are off until Tuesday due to the holiday, so that's the earliest you'll hear from them on here.  They're normally on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM EST, barring holidays.  


And, though they do monitor this section for all posts, I will go ahead and tag them, as well, so they will be sure to see this.  


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Re: THIS IS CRAZY, payment reversal?

Hi Maiya2011,


Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. We'll look into this for you and post back once we have news or additional questions for you.


Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.



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