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The State of the Company from your ISP - Hughes

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The State of the Company from your ISP - Hughes

In case you were not aware, Hughes assumed ownership of five satellites in March 2014 (EchoStar 1, EchoStar 7, EchoStar 10, EchoStar 11 and EchoStar 14).
Overall, Hughes owns, leases and manages the world’s fourth-largest commercial satellite fleet—a collective 23 satellites in 19 orbital locations. Beyond that, Hughes is managing four new satellite projects: EchoStar 105, EchoStar 18, EchoStar 21, and EchoStar 23, all expected to launch in 2015 and 2016.

And, we have more under construction - EchoStar 19 (JUPITER 2) and 65W.   EchoStar 19 will be expanding coverage and capacity of Hughes broadband services in North America and is on target for launch in 2016. Internationally, a Ku-band satellite intended for consumer service in Brazil, is slated to launch in early 2016.  For more updates on our future plans, visit

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