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Unauthorised charges to bank

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Unauthorised charges to bank

When we set up our account it was told the sales person that there was only $1 something in my mom's account and we declined the service a couple times because he wanted to charge more and he changed it to it would only charge $1 then refund the $1 back to her account and then on 01/19/2020 her account was charged $6.49 which made her account over drawn by $36.44 someone needs to fix this because this was not what was said during our call. If y'all are going to not do what y'all said then the service needs to be canceled or something
Thanks Amanda Harris 

Edit: Removed phone number from public post -Jay


Re: Unauthorised charges to bank

Hello Amanda, 


Thank you for reaching out to us concerning this billing issue. I recommend editing your post to remove the phone number as this is a public forum that anyone can access. 


Concerning the charge, it looks like the agent credited the account for the initial charges to offset the fee but did not account for taxes which is why you were charged $6.03.


I would be happy to credit the account for $5.03 to make-up for the taxes you were charged.