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Where is my data going?

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Where is my data going?

I feel like I got very ripped off getting this service. The guy on the phone who convinced me to get it, assured me 20GB a month would be enough for me and my 2 kids. I had no idea. Well that wasn't true. I had to up my plan to the 50GB. Which is still not lasting. How is it my data is being used up, when nobody is here, and it's unplugged? I am so unhappy with this service. Why don't you offer unlimited data? It's a rip off. I feel scammed. Very, very, unhappy. I am going to have to pay the money to get out of this. I can't afford it. You guys are seriously ripping people off. I am a single mom with 3 kids. I work my butt off, to have the things I want. You guys rip people off. It's not fair! I am very upset. It's not right what you're doing. You need to offer unlimited internet for less than 100$ a month. I happened to move somewhere, and I couldn't bring my internet service with me. I was paying 50$ a month. For great service. No data cap. This is a nightmare. It's seriously not right!!! You guys lied to me. You must do this all the time. It's not okay!! :'(
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If you'd like help with figuring out what is using all of your data please start a new post in the Tech Support section.  


HughesNet can't offer unlimited plans as the system doesn't have the capacity to support it.  In addition, satellite internet is the most expensive type of internet to provide, which is why it isn't cheap.  It can't be compared to ground based systems.  It's internet for a niche market, and that market is people who are unable to get ground based service.  


The sales reps can only make a guess as to how much data you may need, and that guess is based on the averages of other users.  It's ultimately up to you to know your actual data needs.  

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