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Why is there a due date if you take money out the day the invoice is generated?

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Why is there a due date if you take money out the day the invoice is generated?

I have called in multiple times about my payment being withdrawn from my bank account the day the invoice is generated. Why even have a due date if it's taken out immediately? I was told when I called in before that if there were insufficient funds it wouldn't be withdrawn and they would keep trying until the due date. Well... today my account is overdrawn because of Hughesnet. Are you going to pay the bank overdraft fee, or put the money back on my card TODAY ??
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The due date is for those who are not on automatic billing.  When on automatic billing the funds are collected on the day the new invoice is generated.  


If your account has insufficient funds for a requested payment it's your bank that decides whether it releases the funds and puts you into an overdrawn state, not HughesNet.  HughesNet only requests the payment.  They have no idea how much money is in your account.  


Hey pdk1124, welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Gabe's answer covers pretty much everything I was going to say; I'll also add that for auto-payment, we collect on the day the invoice is generated, but we provide a 10 day grace period for customers that provides them a time frame to make their payment without the service being locked. 


Some banks do provide an option to decline any payments if it exceeds your balance; I've had a bank that allowed that option, I've also had banks that do not. To dispute the charge on your account, you will want to call your bank and request them to reverse the payment. 



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" NO OTHER COMPANY has auto pay set up where the deduction of funds occurs the day the invoice is generated. "


Prove it.


"I will be contacting a lawyer regarding their predatory practices and misleading information. I advise you to do the same."






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@unimpressed wrote:

Gabe here seems to troll the community forum and twitter in defense of this practice quite regularly. This is NOT a normal billing process.  

Whether you consider this a "normal" billing practice or not, this is HughesNet's billing practice.  No one is required to sign up for any service, but if they do they agree to that company's Terms of Service.  If they don't agree with those terms, including the company's billing practices, they can choose not to sign up for that service.  


And you can say I'm "trolling" all you like.  The OP asked a question and I answered it, just as I do and have done for hundreds of other people who have asked questions or asked for help on this site.  What you think of me or how I comport myself on this or any other site doesn't matter.