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internet service

We moved to Ocala last april.  At that time I had my Direct TV installed which was on suspension from Michigan.  Told that couldnt transfer my internet and phone to Ocala because Att wasnt in this area. When I called to have Direct TV installed a woman called to let me know when the person was going to come and install the satellite and did I want internet.  I said yes.  I was never told that it was a satellite service and that I would have a second satellite installed on the side of my home or was I informed that I was locked into a 24 month contract.  I realized that I had a second satellite two days later.  I have been very sorry that I let my install this.  It is very expensive.  My husband likes to watch movies on Netflix.  Sometimes it will download sometimes he has to give it up.  There is just the two of us with one laptop, a kindle and and ipad.  Our bill is 100 dollars.  If I had a competitor it would be 50-60 with more MBPS.  I would like to cancel but I understand that I would need to pay 340 dollar fee for canceling.  I feel that ATT should have helped me find another company for internet and that the people that scheduled us for internet should have told me that I was under a two year contract and that it was a satellite service. We had to get permission to have the satellite installed from our association.  We did get approval for two satellites.  We are lucky that they didnt tell us that we would need to remove it.  I sure was misinformed and I am not very happy. I certainly would not suggest to any one to try your service. 

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"I certainly would not suggest to any one to try your service."


Don't generalize from your own experience. Many of us are very happy with the service. 


*I am not a Hughesnet employee or representative. This is a customer-to-customer tech support community, and I am a customer.