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the inappropriate phone number... again

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the inappropriate phone number... again

Re: How can you Iose the inappropriate phone number?

Hi GW,


Thank you for your patience. Our field services department has assured me that your current number will be referenced should you need a dispatch in the future. If you have other concerns feel free to drop by the community again.


Thanks Liz. I just wanted to let you know that my access is still available using my old 251 number. It's available if I call in with my 850 number. I cannot get in if I call in with any other phone and enter the 251 number. This is still a major malfunction in your system.


I'm glad to hear the assurance of your field services department. We'll hope the already proven unintelligent system can make the proper decision next time I need to order up a service call but I somehow doubt that will happen.


Why do you close these threads to additional comments by the original poster so quickly? This is the third thread I've had to initiate on the original subject just to add a bit of info for you.