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10/25/23 - How Hughes Brings Satellite Communications Down to Earth

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10/25/23 - How Hughes Brings Satellite Communications Down to Earth

Have you ever wondered how satellites in space help us communicate across vast distances? 


The Hughes JUPITER™ 3 satellite has 300 spot beams that carry data signals to and from customer homes. Spot beams allow us to focus bandwidth where we know it’s needed – providing faster speeds, greater network capacity, and a better overall internet experience.  


JUPITER 3 communicates with 20 gateways on Earth that send and receive data between the satellite and the internet. Each gateway acts like a virtual traffic interchange, with on- and off-ramps to the internet. The ground network is built for speed, with regional data processing centers co-located with content provider data centers (so data doesn’t have to travel far) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically reroute traffic and prevent network bottlenecks. 


At homes across the U.S. (and around the world), people depend on satellites for their internet service. Peek inside the way satellites deliver internet access to millions of people in this interactive activity brought to you by HughesNet® and 4-H: