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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the HughesNet Community Forum!  


The HughesNet Community is here for you to search for answers and ask fellow HughesNet subscribers for help. This is a great opportunity to discuss and exchange information to enhance your HughesNet experience. Here are guidelines to keep the community constructive and friendly for all. You can also check our comprehensive rules in the Terms of Service.


Please do: 

1. Practice internet etiquette

To provide the best community experience, please refrain from using ALL CAPS, “bumping” topics (this is commonly done by posting on an old thread to move it back to the top of the list), harassing other customers or using topic titles that are not directly related to your post. Just be respectful. 🙂 


2. Stay on topic

Every customer here wants clear and straight-forward assistance. Please be courteous to other customers by staying on topic and contributing constructive replies.


3. When in doubt, start your own topic

The best way to attract attention to your question is to start your own topic instead of posting inside of another customer’s individual topic. 


4. Summarize your concern

Use a subject line that summarizes your concern. This helps others understand what you’re experiencing faster, and makes it easier for other customers with the same concern to find your topic. Good examples are: “I can't access Facebook”, or “I’m unable to send e-mail with Outlook”.  


5. Provide relevant details

Include relevant details about your concern in your post. Helpful things like what operating system and web browser you are using go a long way. Even better things to add are details such as when you first started experiencing the problem, and what you have done so far to troubleshoot.


6. Protect your privacy and others'

Avoid posting anything you wouldn't want on a billboard. Yours or anyone's HughesNet account number, physical or mailing address, telephone number, credit card numbers or e-mail address are not to be shared publicly for safety and privacy reasons.


For a safer and more enjoyable Community, it's best to avoid: 

1. Using profanity

Although we do have an automatic filter for inappropriate words, avoiding the filters by purposely misspelling or disguising profanity will possibly result in your post being removed.  


2. Trolling, spamming, soliciting, or insulting others

Our goal is to provide a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. Continuously posting the same thing repeatedly, ‘trolling’ (posting rude, offensive content or disrupting a topic for the sole intention of upsetting another user) or otherwise posting inflammatory content is not tolerated. Soliciting others to engage in legal action or for advertising is also not accepted.


Final Notes

Other community members like you are providing most of the advice here, and it is your responsibility to exercise careful judgement in taking action based on said advice. HughesNet is not responsible for third-party content provided by other community members, nor is HughesNet responsible for any damage caused by said third-party content.


HughesNet moderators may take additional action as needed to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for our members.