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If you want to live out here.

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If you want to live out here.

If you want to live out here. Give Hughesnet a call.  Taken from my Drone..

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Well, now that I looked at some of the pictures I took, I remember a little better than I am VERY lucky that it did't attack me, as I remember that I picked it up and brought it to my folks' house to get the cage.  I was thinking that I had gotten the cage first, but I was wrong.  So again, VERY lucky.  Here are a couple of pics, the first being what I saw on the side of the road and then when I had it in my car...

I do the same with turtles.  It ticks me off when people just run them over, especially when it's on a back road, where a person can easily stop and move it.  
There are some snapping turtles that live in my pond that lay their eggs in my yard every  year.  They haven't hatched for the last couple of years because it's been so dry, but if it's the same this year I am going to figure out a way to keep the spots where they lay the eggs damp, possibly with gallon water bottles with little holes in the bottom and one in the cap.  

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