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Where can I Find my Site Account Number (SAN)?

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Where can I Find my Site Account Number (SAN)?

You can locate your Site Account Number (SAN) from, HughesNet modem’s System Control Center, or from your monthly statement.


Sign In to

If you have previously registered on, you can sign in online to easily locate your Site Account Number.

Once logged in, click on “Account” then “My Information”. Your SAN will be located here.



Locating your SAN from your System Control Center

Launch an Internet browser and type You must be connected to your HughesNet modem, but Internet access is not required to visit the System Control Center. 

Once in the System Control Center you will find your Site Account Number (SAN) located at the top of the page.


Locate your SAN from your monthly statement

Your Site Account Number (SAN) is the same as the account number found on a monthly statement.



If you do not have a login, access to a billing statement or ability to get to System Control Center, contact Customer Care at 866-347-3292 for assistance.

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