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Buisness Static IP

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Buisness Static IP

Hopefully this the right place to ask this....I have a business account just for back up for a remote location that occasionally loses our 100mb connection. We have never setup since purchasing last July.  We just had a tornado come through and now is the time to setup this connection.  I have purchased a static IP and need to setup on my network.  I called buisness support to get the gateway for my Static IP and the rep told me that the Gateway is the same as the static ip.  The Mask is .252, can anyone explain to me how Hughesnet Statics work?  Is the Gateway the static and the next useable ip the static? The answer of the GW is the same as the static doeant seem correct.  Does Hughes do some double natting?  Any help would be appreciated!



Re: Buisness Static IP



Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, our community page is designed to support Residential accounts only. Residential accounts do not have access to these features and therefore, we are unable to provide support with this here. Please contact our Business support line at 1-800-347-3272 for assistance with this. 



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Re: Buisness Static IP

If you are trying to find the WAN side Static IP for your terminal, you can browse to!/home/information when connected to the terminal, and see a field for the IPv4 address.  That will be the address that outside connections need to connect to, to get into your LAN.

You can find more information on my personal website (which happens to be hosted behind an SME terminal, so it *might* be a bit slow if you aren't blocked by my firewall).


Also, yeah, can't really support SME customers here, the site was designed for residential customers...  But hey, something that I can at least throw out there. Smiley Happy

Also, yes, we are essentially double-natted if we don't have a static IPv4 address.  Websites and outside services may think we are always double-natted if WAS (Web Acceleration Server) is enabled.

Note: This information applies only for SME customers with an HT2000w...  If you are a larger customer, such as an enterprise or managing cellular networks, your equipment may be very different and will require a call into business support...