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Business Class Support vs Residential Support

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Business Class Support vs Residential Support

Hi All,


I'm relatively new to HughesNet - unfortunately my experience has been extremely poor up to this point.  So far it appears that residential customers are given a much higher priority over Business class customers.  I understand that the majority of their base is mostlikely consumers, but with a consistent bill of ~$450/month I expect more.  When calling the residential line, that my account tells me to call, once they find out that I am on a business account they no longer can help.  Then I get forwarded to the business department for 10x the wait times. 


Is anyone else experiencing something similar?  At this point throwing up Ubiquity seems like a more reliable way to go.  There doesn't seem to be a true interest in supporting business customers.





Distinguished Professor IV

@rjmlejnek, the area where you placed your post is not the right area for your issue.  To get an answer, please repost to myAccount and Billing.