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Cancellation Fee

So I got Hughes Net a year ago. I got the WiFi for my wife as I was deployed as a Marine at the time. When I got the WiFi I was specifically informed that there is ZERO cancellation fees and ZERO contracts involved. Now Hughes Net is trying to charge me $250 for cancelling. I want my case reviewed. You guys can review the recorded phone call when I signed up. I was specifically told no contract or cancellations fee. What kind of scam is that?! I need my cancellation fee waived as there should have never been one.
Distinguished Professor IV

Who told you there were no contracts and no cancellation fees? Did you get the account through the military?

The Hughes net representative that activated my account. That’s the only reason I got the WiFi. I had just gotten out of another WiFi company that charged me a contract fee. So I made it clear when I was signing up that there would be no contract or cancellation fee. No I did not do it through the military.
Distinguished Professor IV

The reps on this site will have to look at your account and see if the person who signed you up for the account left any notes.  The reps will probably get back to you through this site sometime this week.

I really hope so. Thank you.
Distinguished Professor IV

Since this is the General Discussion area, which is not for HughesNet support, I suggest you open a new topic under myAccount and Billing.  Just click the "start a new topic" button. You can copy what you wrote here and paste it there. 

Ok I just did thanks again!
Distinguished Professor IV

You're welcome! I hope they will at least have account notes, even though they will likely no longer have the sales call.  Good luck!

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