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Cancellations should NOT be this difficult.

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Cancellations should NOT be this difficult.

After 3 years on Hughesnet, at the end of this month, we are moving to a house that has FIBER!!! <happy, happy, happydance>, so I just called to cancel. I will need to return the router, power cable, and the radio transmitter out of the dish, and I will be sent a box to return the equipment in. That's not the problem, I expected to have to return some stuff. The problems are:

a) both the reps I got to talk to while trying to cancel had extrememly bad accents, and I only understood about half what they said. I must have said 'can you repeat that' at least a dozen times....

b) We will still be here until the 29th, so I want to cancel to the 29th, and get this box so I can drop it in the mail on my way out of town - BUT if they send out the box now, my service cuts off now. So I won't get the box until sometime in July at the new house, and I have to pack the stuff up and move it to the new house. And no, they cannot mail the box now and cut the service off on the 29th....

Just ridiculous. 

Did I mention that in the new house, I'll have fiber internet????


Assistant Professor

Moving is never a really easy process so I feel for you there. The power supply, modem and radio are not that big so shouldn't be that hard to take them with you though.


The system is set up to ship the boxes after the termination date, not sure one of the mods can have them shipped early. If you want them to look into it probably should repost in the Billing and Account section.


I have a feeling it is something that is hard locked on the shipping though and you might still not receive it by the 29th even if the process was started by next Monday.



Was wondering if there weren't ways to shorten the process:

I think the shipping slip is basically one of those sticker jobs like from UPS. So an alternative would be to find the dimensions for a similar box to ship it in, then pack everything in it when you're ready to do so. Once the slip arrives you can just slap it on and let it go. Or, perhaps, find out the shipping/return authorization info and see if you can't print one yourself beforehand. If in fact UPS is involved, I think they can even print the sticker for you given the appropriate information is in the system and handle it when you bring a sealed box to them to return.

Any of this make sense?

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Hello andreatx,


If you processed a "future cancellation", then your service won't get cut off until the specified date. That same day is when the box is shipped. When cancelling, you should inform the agent you are moving and the return box should be mailed to your new address. The agents do have the ability to customize the address we send the box to, so if they didn't do that, we need to find them and get them up to speed.


I'm checking on your account now to see what I can do to get you the box to your new address instead.





Hi Andrea,


I can change the address where the box will ship to when it is generated (on the 29th). Send me a private message with your new address and I'll set that up. 




Thanks, everyone. I think I'm all set - I have requested the cancellation for the future date, and the box will be shipped to the new address. I was just venting, it should't be this difficult. Cancel my service for the 29th, send my box now, end of story. That way I don't have to move the parts first and return later. It'll take me a few days to unpack all my boxes.....

I also had to cancel my DirectTV, and their system works the same - BUT they have an agreement with UPS, so I can take whatever I have to return their before the move and get it shipped off. At least that's an alternative solution.


Other than that, Hughesnet should really make sure the people who answer their phones speak decent English.