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Cell phone app?

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Cell phone app?

Before coming to Hughes, I had Vonage. They had a great cell phone app that allowed simultaneous rings on home voip phone and cell phone. Maybe not good for those who use lots of phone time, but for us seniors who use little it gets us phone messages whereever we are. Anything like that for Hughes?

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I'm not 100% positive of this, but I don't believe HughesNet Voice service offers an app or service like this.   I was wrong, thankfully.  🙂 


That would be a pretty handy, though, that's for sure.  


With that said, to get an answer from a rep in order to be sure, you should re-post this question in the Tech Support section.  Even if they don't have it, it might be an idea that they could pass along to the people who design the HughesNet Voice system so that they could make something like that available in the future.  🙂  


Hello Noelmcrae, 

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding in home phone service! With HughesNet Voice you get a number of useful standard features including Call Waiting, Caller ID, Outbound Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Block, Simultaneous Ring, Enhanced Voicemail (accessible via dial-in and forwarded via email), a Web Self-Care Portal, and unlimited long-distance calling to the continental United States and Canada. For more information about our VoIP services please visit


For more detailed setup instructions to compare to your previous Vonage settings, see page 44 here: 

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For some reason the link above isn't working, so I'll repost it here.


And I was wrong.  Page 44 of the guide shows "Simultaneous Ring".  🙂   It's one of the times where I'm happy I'm wrong.  😛