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Data usage

  Wow! I actually made it through this month without running out of data The first time with Gen5. Of course, I've been getting up at 5:30 every morning to do a lot of my browsing


I guess I'll be doing this for a while. The sum of my anytime data and bonus bytes is still over 100% of the anytime data cap about a week before the the usage resets.


  Some friends of mine, who are experiencing the same Gen5 data usage problems, gave up and went to a larger data plan.

   Take that Hughes! Your evil plan has failed! You're not going to get an extra twenty dollars a month out of me! :<)>


  Yes, I've done all of the tests recommended here, including using a glasswire like Linux program called iftop, I'm even running a spreadsheet on Hughes vs iftop. I've only run the spreadsheet for 4 days though. So far, the data seems inclusive.


  OTOH, I haven't found a data leak either, and there's still that pesky data cap that was NEVER a problem pre-Gen5.

   In the future, I'm going to be very wary about doing another Hughes upgrade, at least until I google around to see what problems people are having.

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