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Exploring the Great Outdoors, a Favorite Hobby of HughesNet Customers

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Exploring the Great Outdoors, a Favorite Hobby of HughesNet Customers

Sadly, summer is coming to an end as colder weather will be approaching before we know it. However, camping is a great activity that can easily transition into both a summer and fall hobby for the whole family! In fact, a past survey of HughesNet users found 45% of respondents said camping, fishing, and hiking were among their favorite hobbies.


Camping is an activity many across the United States enjoy, from exploring the beauty of nature to spending cherished time with loved ones. Perhaps, camping could be your last vacation of the season. If you are worried about disconnecting, the good news is most campgrounds and national and state parks today include public Wi-Fi, which will allow you to stay connected and share photos with those unable to join you. In fact, Hughes and its partners deliver reliable, high-speed connectivity to numerous sites across the country, including Yellowstone National Park and Mount Rushmore. Apps like AllStays Camp & RV and Camp Finder can help you locate campgrounds and RV parks with public Wi-Fi access.


If road trips are your thing, be sure to check out Roadside America, which is a fun website and app that helps travelers find offbeat tourist attractions across the country. For hikers, apps like AllTrails can help you decide which trail is best based on length and difficulty. Thanks to the power of HughesNet, you can look up new areas and recommendations where you can continue camping or exploring the great outdoors. We challenge you to give camping a try and share where you go in the comments below! If camping isn’t in the cards for this season, let us know where you would visit, if you could.

Comment below about your ideal outdoor adventure, whether it’s camping deep in the woods, fishing on a lake, or exploring new hiking trails. We look forward to hearing about all your favorite activities and destinations!

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