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Glaring shortcoming with HghesNet Voice.

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Glaring shortcoming with HghesNet Voice.

We hae struggled along with Hughes as they were the only provider of internet in our mountains.  We now have Gen5 and it is more thanwe need, quite aturnrond.  we get the flyer regarding Voice. We would love to get it except for 1 problem, we would need to get a new number. Not so much of an issue, friends and neighbors would just need to get our new number. Problem is our new number would be out of area, meaning our neighbor would need to make a long distance call to call us.  This may be the dumbest idea I have heard in  long time. Hughes seems to think it should be just fine for us to insist friends and neighbors receive long distance charges to speak with us  I do not think so. 

Assistant Professor

Hi Annie, been a long time since I had a landline phone but if your friends and family have a cell phone most plans are no extra charge for long distance.


It is out of HughesNet hands whether local numbers can be ported to their VoIP in many cases.