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HughesNet, Gaming, and how to post here

Anyone else play a lot of games on Hughes? I do really good with RTS games, World of Warcraft, and oddly enough, Left 4 Dead 2 works great, as does my beloved Fallout 76. The only games I had trouble with were the EA shooter games, and Grand Theft Auto V.

With GTAV, I was never able to connect except through a VPN. Interestingly, after I did everything they tried, including calling HughesNet, I suggested rather bluntly that they must have banned HughesNet IP addresses. I ended up being able to play almost immiediently after, and recieved an email from someone there outside of tech support that apologized for the troubles

Finally, this is a weird one, but when I make longer messages on here, I get them "**bleep**", since I was telling a longer version of that story. Why is that?

Edit: Im also unable to choose any other label. Hope this isnt a problem to post or anything

Distinguished Professor IV

Danny, the only label available for this section of the site is the only one you can choose. 


As for the bleeping, it's a known issue that started not very long ago, and the Hughesnet staff here is aware of it.   The length of the post doesn't matter; the bleeping is random and can bleep out one word or a whole sentence or more. 

Distinguished Professor IV

The lovely bleep issue.  GRRRRR!  


I've taken to copying my posts before I hit that "Post" button.  If it doesn't post properly, I can try to do so again, though the same thing often bleeps again.  


What's really frustrating is that there's no rhyme or reason to it, so it's not like there is anything one can avoid typing that will keep it from happening.  Well, anything beyond what we already know will cause it, like cursing and trying to post certain abbreviations.

Thats good that its just some glitch, was annoying since I typed out a long message and post on some of my gaming adventures

But yeah, I believed RockStar Games had HughesNet or at least the IP range I was using, blocked. In the future, I think if any HughesNet people have problems activating or playing a game online and it works on VPN...its something more on their end I bet. Oddly, GTA: Online was rather playable for me, only problem was big player related shootouts, but one on one combat, driving, and the different mini-games or whatever you call them, were all functioning. ESPECIALLY the flying ones, im not sure why anything involving flying works so good on satellite

Another fun game to play on satellite is World War Z. It plays wonderfully in Co-op(No drag on my end, and other players didnt notice any problem), AND in versus mode...on PlayStation 4 at least, it seems to favour those with high latency so I ended up defeating other players AFTER they had killed me. Which is just hilarious. But it was still even enough that it wasnt unplayable or a clear nasty exploit

The Battlefield and Battlefront games are nearly completely unplayable though. Only Starfighter battles in Battlefront 2(2017) is playable. The game Don't Starve Together is also unplayable due to latency. Sadly I got some right chunky latency playing Rise of Nations, and Age of Mythology. But the Age of Empires games all work great