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Kindle woes

  I recently downloaded a lot of books to my Kindle Paperwhite, unfortunately, it did a software update at the same time. After that I suddenly had a three book Kindle, because that's all I could get to of my reading list.


  Usually, when you hit the home icon it will show the first three books of your reading list, and then you can swipe to go through the rest of your books. Now whenever I swiped I was taken to a series of screens telling me how to use my Kindle and how wonderful it was.  There seemed to be no escape from these screens, except to hit the home icon again.


  After many trips around the Kindle menus I finally solved the problem.


  Just in case anybody here runs into the same problem the solution is: home, settings, all settings, device options, advanced options, home & library, and then turn home screen view off.


  I had never touched this setting before, and my other Kindle that was off, and didn't receive the update still worked properly.

  Attention!  All Kindle software design idiots!  The first rule of software updates is to not break your users system with one.


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