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Latest speed


Latest speed

Not too bad for prime time :-)



Maybe I should post this on VeteranSatUser's thread...maybe best not.



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Re: Latest speed

If only!  I think it was maratsade who got a result of 1200+Mbps, or something like that, many months back.  


I've never seen a result that high, but a couple of times I've seen them in the 200s.  I think it may be the latency that can trip it up once in a while and cause a wild result like that.  


But, one can only wish!!!  754Mbps?  I'd be doing some 4k streaming, that's for sure!  Smiley Tongue 


Edit:  If I could continually download at that speed I'd burn through my entire month's worth of service plan data in less than four minutes. Add the bonus data and it's less than fourteen.  Smiley Tongue Smiley Tongue Smiley Tongue  

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