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Looking for Your Next Hobby? Check Out Jewelry Making with Demi D!

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Looking for Your Next Hobby? Check Out Jewelry Making with Demi D!

Looking for a new hobby that is sure to bring out your creative side? Then jewelry making may just be the activity for you! Demi D. from Texas shared with us how her HughesNet connection helps let her creativity fly as she uses semi-precious stones, beads, and more to create unique jewelry pieces for her friends and family.

Demi notes the best part about making jewelry is that there are no rules! She says, “You can be infinitely creative in your designs, using whatever semi-precious stones, beads, and findings of all different shapes and colors in a multitude of combinations that result in a beautiful piece of jewelry.” Whether it’s making a friendship bracelet, a gift for a loved one, or a jewelry piece for a costume for the upcoming Halloween holiday, this hobby is sure to be a relaxing activity that you can do in groups or on your own.

Demi added that with her HughesNet connection, she is able to support her jewelry-making business, mentioning how she uses her HughesNet connection to make her company, Essential Accessories, known to as many people as possible! Tell us what hobbies you explore with HughesNet. Share in the comments below!

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Sounds like Demi's doing very well. 🙂