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Overall Internet

    First off, let me say that I completely hate the HughsNet internet / streaming. I live in the middle of what used to be a horse pasture, with no trees around me at all. There should be no interference because of this. From the get go, almost 2 years ago, we haven't been able to stream ANY television and the internet has been even worse at times. I have trouble opening the internet on a daily basis, whether it's night or day. I'm constantly reconnecting or even restarting altogether. So if the ads say HughesNet is great for country people there's no truth to it. Some people may like it, but I don't. So I'm here to tell you all that in August when my contract is up, I fully intend to cancel this and try something else. 


                                                                            Mike from Farmerville, Louisiana

Distinguished Professor IV

I live in a rural area, have had HughesNet for over 14 years, and have no issues with it, so your mileage varies by location, most likely.  I hope you find an ISP that works for you. Good luck!