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This is a nonhughes question.

I noticed about 6 mos. ago that my printer doesnot print from the internet correctly. When I try to print, it print two lines of print.

I found a workaround. If I copy & paste to MS word it print clearly.This only happens in the body of what is being printed.

I have tried aligning the printer cartridges. No help.

Has anyone had this problem?

Does anyone have a fix for this?


Thank you

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No help here. Might better just delete the **bleep** post.

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I'm sorry, Reggie. I saw your post but I didn't know the answer. Maybe @MarkJFine  or @GabeU will know the answer.  The mods may have missed your post; you could try PMing them. 

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Though I did see your question shortly after you posted it, I'm not familiar with this issue, nor what would fix it, though one thing you could try is reinstalling the driver, even if it's a driver that's automatically installed by Windows 10 (if W10 is what you have).  


If that doesn't help, I would repost this question in the "Third Party Products" section.  Doing so may help to get more replies, including from reps who many know the answer.

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Thank you for the replies.

Been busy this week, but I'll be honest that I've never seen this problem before.

Could be a bad driver, could be a firmware issue, or could be something gone bad inside the printer itself.

First thing I would try is completely reboot the printer then print a test page from it's front panel (if possible). If that comes out ok but still prints funky, then it's not the printer.

Second thing is to double check all the printer settings using the OS's device control panel. If possible, make sure the drivers are all up to date - if printer's manufacturer also has something to check the drivers, manually check to see if there's something that needs updating. I know HP has one and it doesn't always check in the background.

Third and last thing to check is using the System Options to make sure the OS is completely up to date.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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Thank you for all the replies. When I have more time, I think  I will take Gabe's suggestion to start a new post. This time with more information.