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R.I.P. "Gwalk900"


Re: Gwalk900...

I saw this over the weekend. Didn't know what to say or how to say it except that apart from Gwalk being a friend, he might as well have been a coworker too. Gwalk has been a customer for 13 years and a member of our community for 5 years - he knew his stuff. He's been here longer than us, outlasted a few mods and dedicated much of his last few years to us and to many HughesNet customers. 


Shortly before he left us our team sent him a thick, warm blanket to keep him comfortable at home and I would like to believe that it did... This just all happened so very fast. 




Re: Gwalk900...

OMG.......I was just thinking about him this morning. Was gonna shoot him a message on Facebook. Gosh, he will surely be missed. His contributions here on this community are great. He was the expert on Gen4 to say the least. I am sure his contibutions in life were much more. RIP Greg. You will be missed.




Re: Gwalk900...

Hello everyone,


The Community Team would like to remember Greg "Gwalk900" Walker by awarding him the title of "Honorary Alumnus". We felt this was the best way to recognize the wisdom, dedication and friendship that he selflessly gave to all of us over years. His presence here will be greatly missed.





Re: R.I.P. "Gwalk900"

This is an important time to extend our thanks and appreciation to all the selfless HughesNet Community contributors, helping each other day after day.  When we first started this Community, our hope was to make it more than a place for single posts from subscribers with little sustaining value.  Our goal was to make it a living community, centered around HughesNet service but more…

It’s the pictures, the humor, the family events you all share that make this community alive.  Those of us at Hughes that get to serve you here are grateful for making our job so worthwhile.