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Setting up Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi?

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Distinguished Professor IV

Setting up Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi?

For any of you that might be able to help, I'm a little lost with what I should to do set up Raspbian to use like I would Windows.  What I mean is, to feel comfortable using it on sites where I have to enter personal info, like a sign on and password, or even shopping or paying bills.  It comes with Chromium installed, which I've used so far, but haven't signed into (my Google account).  I've set Chromium similar to Chrome on this desktop, though not with all of the extensions, as I don't even know that they would work.  It does come with uBlock Origin preinstalled, thankfully.  


When I set up Raspbian, it didn't ask me to create a password, which I had to do when I set up Linux Mint or Ubuntu.  Is this something I should do?  And is this the root password, as in the one needed for making changes to the system, or is it the user password, like to logon to the system?  Either way, I'll have to look up how to do so, but I just don't know if it's something I should do.   And I know that being on an ISP that uses dynamic, shared IPs keeps me a bit safer than an ISP with a static IP, but does that make a difference in what I need to do so make Raspbian secure?  


AFAIK, there really isn't much in the way of antivirus or antimalware programs/apps for Linux, and I don't even know that I would need anything like this.   Do I?  


Is there an online guide anywhere that would help me get started on what I need to do to set it up so I can do more than just arbitrarily browse?  At this point, I've gone to no sites, like even here, where I would have to enter any sign on credentials, as I don't know if I'm safe to do so.  I'd like to use it more, but again, I don't know if there are other things I need to do to make sure it's secure, like my Windows desktop or laptop are.   


Though I've tried Linux Mint and Ubuntu a few times over the years, that's really all I did...try them.  I never went any further than that.  


Sorry for such "noob" type questions, but I'm lost.  Again, if there is a website out there dedicated to those who are lost with Linux, like me, please feel free to tell me.  


Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.  🙂 

Distinguished Professor IV

I think I may have found the answers to at least some of the questions I had regarding having a secure setup...


From this, I gather that I need to....


 - Change the default password

 - Create a new user with a new password

 - Make Sudo require a password

 - Install a firewall (I'm sure configuring it is going to be REALLY fun 😞  )


Anything else?


If I need to do more than what's listed, please feel free to tell me.  


Thanks, folks.  


Edit:  Found this, too, though it says some of the same things as the other site...