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Solution for too many connected devices

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Solution for too many connected devices

I have too many devices connected to my HT2000 router and need comments on this approach.  

First about half the devices are not necessary unless I am away from home which isnt often.

Can I add a router to my HT2000 and connect the rarely used devices to it?  I can then power off the router until i need them?

If so, what addon router is compatible with the Hughesnet router?



Distinguished Professor IV

You can connect and use a router with your HT2000W modem, and pretty much any router will work. A lot of people choose to use their own router's WiFi instead of the HT2000W's built in WiFi. 


However, if the same band is used at the same time from both units, they may interfere with each other somewhat. If you find this to be the case, you can disable one band in the HT2000W and the other in the add on router. This way, each device is utilizing a different band. e.g. use the 2.4GHz band with the HT2000W and the 5GHz band with the router, or vice versa.