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Somebody please help!!

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Somebody please help!!

Hi i have been tryinng to find out how io can get help finding out what my Proxy name is for my vinyl express Rseries ii cutter. i need it for my home craft busness i do . and when i go to have the software look for it it will not find it and i have it on my computer once until the last one crashed. and when i call to get help no one will help me. can anyone help me or even tell me whaat it is so i can put it in i have order to do that people want and can't finsh them because of this. Thank you so much

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Re: Somebody please help!!

As both the section description and the tag you were forced to include suggest, this section is not for support.  


To get help, you should repost this in the "Third Party Products" section.  

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Re: Somebody please help!!

Support area aside... Sounds to me it's not even a networking issue, although I'm guessing the software uses something like hpip, like an hp wireless printer.


If the software can't find the device, maybe the best thing to do is try to initialize a new connection to it... and write the new name down on a label and stick it to it for the future. Or, try to use it hardwired if possible.


I'm guessing because I know nothing about vinyl cutters, and I doubt many others here do either.

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