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Squeaky wheel

Am I the squeaky wheel?


Lord knows I've squeaked enough about Gen5's data usage around here. Now, out of the blue, the problem seems to be getting better. I've gone from 5 to 7 percent a day data usage to 2 to 3 percent a day. So far, it looks like I'm going to make it through this month without getting throttled. This would be the first time since Gen5.


I haven't done anything different that I can think of. I've basically done the same things every day for years. That's why the data usage difference was so obvious when I "upgraded" to Gen5 in the first place.


BTW I'm running Linux mint 18.3. All updates are set for 3:00 am Sunday morning. My browser is Firefox 59.9.2 with a popup blocker, a Java script blocker, and an ad blocker running. ( Anything to save data.) Been running Linux since MS pulled the plug on Windows XP.


Has Hughes changed their data metering software on my modem? How could one ever know? I do know that Comcast has been accused of fudging their data metering.


Which brings me to the next question: Why are there data limits? Answer: Follow the money.


At first glance, data limits seem to make sense for satellite systems due to the high cost of putting a satellite in orbit. OTOH I suspect that no one has ever been been turned down when trying to purchase more data. "Sorry, we can't sell you more data. our satellite is fresh out". IOW pay to play.


There's a lot more on this subject at this link:


Imagine that! A 1 terabyte data cap.